Holistic Skincare and Wellness by Tammy Binkley
Holistic Skincare and Wellness by Tammy Binkley

Healthy is Beautiful!!

See what a Holistic experience with Tammy can do for you.

Tammy Binkley offers a wide range of services relating to skin health and wellness in the Destin/Santa Rosa Beach area. Learn more about her specialized approach, and the benefits of turning to her for your skin health and wellness needs. Browse through her website to find out how she can put you on a healthy and beautiful track for life.


Each Organic Facial uses organic products based on your skin type, each treatment will help shrink pores, hydrate, smooth out wrinkles, and rejuvenate the skin; ideally to create the healthiest skin possible resulting in the true form of anti aging, health!  In addition to creating healthy skin your facial will include aromatherapy, hot stones, face, head, neck massage, shiatsu, meditation, sound healing and Reiki/healing touch to relax and restore your whole being.


"My passion for the healing arts lead me to many different studies over the years, including aromatherapy, face, head, neck massage, shiatsu, meditation, yoga, and Reiki/healing touch.  This combination of my many years of experience with different modalities has blossomed into the creation of my Holistic Facials. I am ecstatic to be able to share my amazing treatments with you and hope to see you soon." - Tammy






Tammy is a holistic esthetician focusing on health and anti-aging of the skin without harmful ingredients or procesures.  Tammy is also a expereinced yoga and spiritual teacher.


She has been teaching yoga for 17 years and working Esthetician for 15 years.  Both offering her opportunities to use her gifts of inspiring others, creating peace and touching many lives while improving mind, body, spirit and skin for her loved friends and clients. 


Her calling is to empower others through yoga and total body wellness to follow their dreams and live a life full of passion and purpose. 


Tammy offers private and public yoga classes workshops and retreats as well as customized holistic organic skin care.    She brings a heart centered approach and a kind touch to everyone she meets creating  a more beautiful world inside and out. 


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