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Holistic Skincare and Wellness by Tammy Binkley
Holistic Skincare and Wellness by Tammy Binkley

Testimonials....Happy, Healthy & Whole




BTW, I can't tell you how much I needed just that time to relax with you today! Completely the highlight of my day. - Anonymous



Tammy's facials are the most healing and indulgent treat I can think of. I have had many, many facials over the years, most medicinal, but none can compare to the results of Tammy's organic products and her 'magical' techniques. I leave feeling rejuvenated, happy, and centered each time. - Tina Dowdy, Destin, FL



I visited Tammy regularly when I first moved to the area 15 yars ago.  Somehow life overwhelmed and it fell lower and lower on my list of priorities.  Through a dear friend this past year I was reintroduced to Tammy and it has done more for my well-beimg than I would have ever imagined.  My visits with Tammy becore more magical every month, it is a pleasure I look forward to and would recommend Tammy Binkley to all. - Betty Vallintos, Destin, FL



I really miss your facials Tammy! I'm still using Pangea and loving it. I always felt relaxed but energized whenever I left you at the Reach Inststite! What was great was knowing I was in safe hands. Your experience and how you always made a more natural, holistic approach the priority was so reassuring. This is hard to find!! Had to write this!! Can't you move to England?? Please???? - Vikki Marsh



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